The next October 5th It will be launched Windows 11 globally and we want to advance some tricks to install it cleanly without the supposed limitations imposed by Microsoft, although this may change in the final version.

It seems that Microsoft is softening every day the striking limitations that it has tried to impose with the announcement of its new Windows system and that theoretically imply an improvement in security. We will see what these measures are in the final version because they block many PCs to update Windows 10 to the new Windows 11 system, without a doubt it is something not very interesting in order to implement a new operating system and sell services to the more people the better .


You can check if you meet the requirements of Windows 11 officers with the following link, if you do not comply there is no problemSimply follow the steps of the tool that we indicate in the next point of this guide.


This is the easiest recommended method, thanks to this open source tool called MediaCreationTool which also facilitates the installation of Windows 11. We just have to download the zip of the application and run it following the steps.

  1. We downloaded the ZIP the MediaCreationTool in the upper right area Download ZIP.
  2. Unzip in a folder.
  3. We execute MediaCreationTool.bat as Administrator (right button).
  4. We select Windows 11 and then Create ISO o Create USB.
  5. We wait for a ISO file in the same folder or our usb drive.

If we want to upgrade Windows 10 to 11

  1. We run the SKIP TPM v1 o v2.
  2. We make double click on the ISO or enter the USB and we execute Setup.exe to upgrade from Windows 10 to 11.

If we want to install Windows 11 from scratch

  1. Create boot drive using ISO with Rufus or similar or use the unit USB Generated.
  2. Restart the PC to enter the Windows 11 installation mode.


As we have seen the security impositions that Microsoft wants to integrate with Windows 11 mainly focus on OEM manufacturers of computers with Windows already pre-installed for the western market. The system for checking these Windows 11 requirements is so basic that we can skip it with a simple Windows 10 file.

  1. Create boot drive using Rufus or similar. More information about it.
  2. Download the file “appraiserres.dll”Of Windows 10, option 1 and option 2.
  3. Go to folder “sources“Into the bootable USB drive and replace file”appraiserres.dll
  4. Run Windows 11 installer normally.
  5. If we have Windows 10 already installed, we can use the updater inside the ISO.


If our computer does not meet the minimum requirements imposed by Microsoft for now, we can install Windows 10 from scratch and easily with the system installer itself. You just have to follow the following steps.

  1. We create the installation unit of Windows 11 with the ISO, more information about it.
  2. We start the installation process on the computer that interests us.
  3. When we get to the notice of incompatibility of our hardware as shown in the image we press Shift + F10
  4. This will allow us to open a window at the command prompt (MS-DOS).
  5. We write and execute the command regedit.exe
  6. Inside the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM SETUP branch we create a new LabConfig key ”.
  7. In the created key we add two new entries:
    – Clave = BypassTPMCheck / Valor = dword: 00000001
    – Clave = BypassSecureBootCheck / Valor = dword: 00000001
  8. We save the changes and we can continue the installation because the incompatibility errors will disappear.