UGREEN HUB USB-C, review: a multi-port HUB with HDMI output

UGREEN HUB USB-C, review: a multi-port HUB with HDMI output

UGREEN HUB USB-C It is a new multi-port HUB of which we present today its analysis or review, a peripheral of the brand UGREEN compatible with compatible laptops and tablets.

This new HUB with connector USB Type-C offers us a wide range of ports and connectors, we have readers of SD and microSD cards, video port HDMI and three ports USB 3.0 to connect multiple peripherals. A device that has the usual careful design of this brand and that allows us to considerably expand the connection capacities of any laptop or device that has a USB-C connector. Let’s see how it defends itself in our detailed review.


Link: USB Type-C male main connector
Video: HDMI 1.4 [email protected]
USB: 3x USB 3.0 Type-A 5 Gbps
Lector SD: SDXC, SDHC, SD, Extreme I III SD, Ultra II SD, MMC, RS-MMC / hasta 100Mbps.
Lector micro SD: Micro SD, TF, Micro SDXC, Micro SDHC, UHS-I / hasta 100Mbps.
Red: No
Input power: No
Output power: 5V 0.9A (5 W) by USB 3.0 port
Colors: Gray.
Medidas: 115 x 36 x 12.5 mm / cable 150 mm


El HUB USB UGREEN HUB USB-C It arrives protected in a cardboard box, inside we find the HUB with the integrated USB Type-C cable to connect it with our compatible device. We also have a manual on español that may interest us to see the different characteristics and their compatibilities. Is available in Gray with plastic back cover.

The UGREEN HUB USB-C It has an elegant design and as we see it has a fairly short cable (150 mm) to connect to our device, the design is focused on using it with our laptop next to it. The main box is made of aluminum in its upper part to help dissipate the heat generated, on its perimeter we have all the connectors available. Its three ports stand out USB 3.0 and the video connector HDMI 1.4.

In the back of the little UGREEE HUB USB-C we find two card readers that we can use simultaneously, we have a micro SD format and the classic SD size that we find in some laptops or cameras.


Port speed

We carry out tests in the UGREEN HUB USB-C on all the available ports to see the real performance that we obtain when connecting peripherals, as we see in the results the values ​​are correct which indicates that we have quite efficient controllers.

  • USB 3.0: Correct speeds for this protocol and smooth peripheral detection / 5 Gbps.
  • SD reader: SDXC, SDHC, SD, Extreme I III SD, Ultra II SD, MMC, RS-MMC / until 100Mbps.
  • Micro SD reader: Micro SD, TF, Micro SDXC, Micro SDHC, UHS-I / hasta 100Mbps.
  • HDMI: HDMI 1.4 output compatible up to 4K @ 30fps.
  • NOTE: If we are going to connect peripherals to the USB 3.0 ports, it is recommended to connect an external electrical adapter.

Thermal tests

When using the UGREEN HUB USB-C we check that a quite high temperature and as we see in the upper metal face we get to the 41 °C. When you touch it, it feels quite hot, but it is normal according to the brand, because the aluminum casing is used as a heatsink.

  • Exit: 5V 900mA by USB port

We connect the HUB to a Xiaomi Pad 5 and detects connected peripherals perfectly, although this tablet does not have video output. To use the video output we need a device compatible with the USB 3.1 protocol that allows this type of information through the USB-C port.


These peripheral connecting cables USB 3.0 The USB 3.1 offer us thanks to conector Type-C the possibility of using our peripherals in any type of device that supports this standard connector, we can transmit data, video or audio with the same connector. What’s more the connector is reversible with which we can connect it without looking always right. The basic specifications of these cables are those that we can see in the following table.

  • It depends on the length of the cable and the connection mode we are using, charging, video or data.

Within the standard USB Type-C We have multiple forms of connection that allow us to perform other functions in addition to the conventional loading and transfer of data, they are called Alternate mode. With these modes we can transmit different protocols through the same connector or add more information, all of which means that the maximum bandwidth is distributed accordingly.



After testing it we can say that the UGREEN offers us with UGREEN HUB USB-C a simple but practical device for devices that only have connectors USB Type-C and with which we can significantly expand the connectivity options. In this HUB we can use all kinds of devices, even so without a doubt it allows to significantly expand Macbooks that have very few ports and with this we easily expand possibilities.

In the design section we have a careful aesthetic, the materials are also of quality, it is quite careful and does not clash at all. It is necessary to emphasize the high temperature that reaches in use, the output HDMI 1.4 It may be limited in usage formats depending on the OS we use. The addition of two SD card readers it is always practical.

The new UGREEN HUB USB-C is a economical and practical deviceIt is recommended if we are going to use it with peripherals that do not require a lot of power, if we need to connect mechanical hard drives or similar, it is better to go to one with power input.

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