Tronsmart Sparkle, review: Gaming headphones with RGB lighting

Tronsmart Sparkle, review: Gaming headphones with RGB lighting

The Tronsmart Sparkle These are the gaming headphones that we will put to the test today in our analysis or review, a product with interesting specifications designed for maximum audio performance.

These headphones have a fork design with an extension system on their sides and have a centralized control unit on their USB cable for quick access to all their functions. The Tronsmart Sparkle they integrate speakers of 50 mm that offer us enough power to hear all the details and a virtual 7.1 audio system. We also have a omnidirectional microphone and lighting RGB on the sides. Let’s see how it defends itself in our analysis where we will see all its characteristics.

  • The Tronsmart Sparkle can be purchased in the online store Geekbuying for only 31,63 € with shipping from Europe using the coupon GKBTSDE20.



You can see the headphones Tronsmart Sparkle in our video of its unboxing where we discuss its main characteristics. They include a small manual and headphones with connection USB cable with control module.

General layout

The headphones Tronsmart Sparkle They arrive in a cardboard box with the main characteristics of the product, inside it comes only in a common bag. In the box we have the manual with Spanish language, cover and charging cable. The design is classic with an extendable headband from its arms, on the cable we have the control buttons and a flexible arm with light for the microphone.

  • Measurements and weight: 188 x 190 x 93 mm / 240 g.


As to ergonomics the headphones have a good sound system padded that allows us to use them without problems during long sessions. The extension system It has a sufficient range that allows it to be used in all the necessary sizes, the headphones exert pressure to hold the set without disturbing. The controls on cable they are fairly easy to locate during use.

The headphones Tronsmart Sparkle They have a fork system with ball joints on the part of the pads to facilitate the position of the speakers with respect to our head. In the forks we also have padding so that the weight does not bother in long sessions of use, they are quite comfortable in general.



With headphones Tronsmart Sparkle have a single connector USB Type-A and to communicate we have a control hub integrated with buttons. When we connect the headphones to our computer or device, it starts up automatically and is recognized directly.

  • Control: Volumen / EW / Mic / LED / Mute.


On the new headphones Tronsmart Sparkle we find control center integrated in the cable, we have a volume wheel, button for equalization modes, microphone control, changes of LED lighting modes and speaker shutdown. From the Tronsmart app we can configure some extra aspects.


We passed several tests to the headphones Tronsmart Sparkle during long sessions and we check that the sound is pretty good, thanks to the drivers of Dynamic 50mm We have a good audio range for various types of music that we can also equalize from the app. We did not detect a significant distortion during the consumption of multimedia content.

  • Headphones: 112dB±3dB / 20Hz-20KHz / 32Ω / 50 mm.

The speakers that mount these headphones are of Dynamic 50mm and we have quite a quality sound. The sound is clear at medium / high volume with adequate definition and at high volume we do not notice distortion in the tones. We have one defined bassAlthough they do not reach the level of premium headphones and if we are quite demanding we will notice it.

  • Treble: Good definition at normal levels, at extremes they lose some definition.
  • Medium tone: Where they perform best, for multimedia content they have good results.
  • Graves: A lot of power although they fall a little short in all very powerful.


These headphones integrate a microphone with LED light that has a flexible arm quite comfortable. From the cable control center we can deactivate it directly if we do not want to be heard. The system behaves well and the results are appreciable although in the high bands they are less effective.

  • Microphone: 2.2KΩ / -42 ± 3dB.

Control app

The headphones Tronsmart Sparkle has the control application Tronsmart. This is one very basic app that allows us to manage the system of virtual 7.1 sound with various options, sound equalization effects, RGB lighting system control and front microphone sensitivity.

We can also save multiple profiles of the different settings that we have selected in this app. The application is something peculiar to connect, we recommend activating the app and we may have to install it a couple of times to make it listen to us.

RGB lighting

The system of RGB lighting of the headphones is quite attractive with different effects that give it a nice look. They can be changed from the control app or using the button on the remote control built into the cable.



After testing the headphones Tronsmart Sparkle We can say that we are facing an interesting product for its price, with good characteristics that offer a sound of quite quality thanks to its 50 mm loudspeakersLogically they are not high-end speakers but they are adequate for their function. We have a system of control integrated in the cable quite efficient that allows us to manage all aspects of sound and LED lighting.

These headphones undoubtedly stand out for their attractive design and LED lighting, these helmets are also comfortable to use thanks to the padding of the materials used in the contact areas and we can use them during long sessions without problems. We also have a control app Available for download, an app that has room for improvement because it is very basic for now, but it can fulfill its function.

As we see the Tronsmart Sparkle are some Gaming headphones with correct sound and LED lightingFor the price they have, they offer us adequate audio quality and also allow us to use it comfortably.


Tronsmart Sparkle


Tronsmart Sparkle


  • Economical
  • Comfortable
  • Cable controls
  • Speakers 50mm
  • Flexible microphone

Where to buy

  • The Tronsmart Sparkle can be purchased in the online store Geekbuying for only 31,63 € with shipping from Europe using the coupon GKBTSDE20.

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