REVIEW: BMAX MaxPad i10 an interesting inexpensive tablet

REVIEW: BMAX MaxPad i10 an interesting inexpensive tablet

BMAX MaxPad i10 It is a new tablet from the BMAX brand that we will see today in our analysis or review, a product with an adjusted price and interesting features that can serve us perfectly for daily use.

This tablet with a 10.1 ″ inch IPS integrates the SoC UNISOC Tiger T610, an Octa Core with Cortex A73 + A55 cores manufactured in 12nm. In terms of specifications we have quite generous figures where their 4 GB de RAM LPDDR4X, 64 GB eMMC internal storage expandable by microSD up to 2TB, Wifi ac + BT 5.0 and system Android 10. In the following analysis we will verify that this new tablet works and how it is compared to the competition in the sector.

  • BMAX MaxPad i10 is available in the store for only 134 € using the discount coupon from the offer.


Unboxing video

How can we see the tablet BMAX MaxPad i10 It comes in a fairly conventional cardboard box, inside we find the tablet, the USB-C charging cable, 5V 2A power adapter and manual in English. In the following video you can see the content, you can also see how the screen looks and the volume of the integrated speakers.


The tablet BMAX MaxPad i10 It has an aluminum back and a plastic screen frame that is not particularly wide. In the upper front part we have a camera 2MPIn the upper area of ​​the tablet we also have two speakers, on the perimeter we have the volume buttons, power, USB-C connector, audio jack and DualSIM slot with microSD up to 2TB.

  • Connectivity: Puerto USB 3.0 Type-C, fast charging and data.
  • Vibration and LEDs: IF it has vibration / It does not have a charging LED.

On both sides we have two speakers integrated that give us a fairly powerful sound although somewhat metallic. Mount a rear camera 5MP AF + flash, we also have a jack audio for connecting headphones easily.

  • Speakers and microphone: Two top speakers / Integrated microphones.


The screen of 10.1″ IPS from BMAX MaxPad i10 it is bright enough for normal indoor use but may suffer outdoors where it may be a bit short. The screen IPS It is good for multimedia home use or for browsing, there is a certain separation as it is not OGS and it loses some quality in the visualization. It also has a correct touch system with 10 point detection.

  • Size and format: 10.1″ IPS / 1920×1200 / 16:10
  • Light power: NO auto brightness / Basic contrast / No light leakage.
  • Viewing and tactile angles: Angles OK type IPS / Acceptable precision and sensitivity / 10 touch points.
  • Screen and protection settings: Reading / Screen protection modes in quick settings.

Cameras, Sensors, Modem and GPS

The cameras from the tablet BMAX MaxPad i10 son basic quality, have few options in the settings and the built-in flash it’s more for anecdotal than actual use. The camera 2MP video conferencing is somewhat poor we have very muted colors, the 5MP rear camera is much better and does a decent job for ancillary use. The GPS it behaves normally and triangulates the position without problem, but it does not have a very high precision.

  • Cameras: Frontal 2MP / Tracer 5MP AF + flash.
  • Sensors and safety: Gyroscope / Accelerometer.
  • Modem and GPS: DualSIM 4G-LTE with all bands / basic GPS.


Environment and user experience

We start the tablet BMAX MaxPad i10 and we see what comes with the system Android 10 pretty clean. In a basic use to navigate and consume multimedia content, move fluidly and we can use the most common apps without problems thanks to the SoC UNISOC T610 that in heavy web browsing defends itself well. In the lower area we have the classic Android buttons that we can hide and in the upper area we have the curtain with shortcuts.

  • Launcher: We can change the launcher / Android UI render to 1920 × 1200.
  • Multitasking and access: Multi-task control / IF has PiP support.
  • Languages ​​and Google Play: Spanish and all the classics of international Android / Google Play installed.


We check the system data and the available options and at all times the system is stable in daily use. We have the firmware con Google Play installed that works perfectly and update by OTA when connecting to the internet.

  • Version and root: Android 10 (64 bit) / It is NOT root by default / It does NOT have a root menu.
  • Medium: OTA updates / Firmware NOT available / Custom firmware NOT available.

Network, storage, RAM and ports

We perform our usual tests on the memory and internal storage in the BMAX MaxPad i10. Internal storage can be expanded using the included microSD card reader up to 2TB. The results of the storage internal are buenos compared to other tablets in its price range it is quite good. The reaching Wifi it’s pretty good thanks to the connectivity Wifi ac and connectivity Bluetooth 5.0 it presents no problems.

  • Storage: Free 53GB eMMC / 112/150 MBps L / E, good / SI expandable by microSD.
  • RAM: Total 4 GB – Free 3 GB / LPDDR4X.
  • Network performance: Wifi Max. 188/187 Mbps, good / Range 39 dBm, okay. / Bluetooth OK.
  • We recommend reading our Tutorial on SAMBA Networks on Android if we are going to read files from our networked PCs.

Power and performance

At the power level the BMAX MaxPad i10 has an SoC UNISOC T610 Octa Core that has a cluster of 2 CPUs Cortex-A75 high-performance capable of reaching 1.8 Ghz and another cluster with six Cortex-A75s that reach a maximum speed of 1.8 Ghz, in the graphic section we have a GPU Mali-G52 MP3 which is in the mid / low range today. An SoC made in 12nm that has very controlled consumption. How can we see the performance is good and it is quite good compared to direct competition especially if we compare what each one costs.

In terms of power thanks to the integrated GPU Mali-G52 MP3 we can play games demanding like PUBG at medium / low level, Genshin Impact in medium / low quality to be so demanding or popular CODE: Mobile in high quality quite smoothly.

  • Games and emulators: PUBG medium / low, Genshin medium / low, COD: Mobile medium / Emulators up to Wii / SI supports Vulkan.

Battery and temperature

The BMAX MaxPad i10 has a battery of 6000 mAh, autonomy is basic in normal mixed use and using the screen brightness at medium level. If we play demanding games, the battery drops quickly as normal, but in general we have very normal figures in this range where it is better not to move away from a charger if we are going to use it a lot.

  • Battery: Light use 7 hours, intensive mixed 3 hours / Max load 13W.
  • Repose: Connected to Wi-Fi and without using it, it can last 5 days or more.
  • Temperature: The rear end heats up very little, the SoC goes into low performance fast.


Video and audio connections

Regarding the video playback the BMAX MaxPad i10 has a VPU compatible con codecs h.265 y h.264 for resolutions up to 4K 8 bit maximum, does not support HDR content and has codec support VP9 up to 1080p. We can use widgets like code The PLEX correctly without compatibility issues. As for audio we can reproduce sound DD y DTS, but only in stereo with the audio jack.

Video and audio test results

Video Formats Result
h.264 / 1080i / 8bit Correct
h.264 / 1080p / 4K / 8bit Correct
h.264 / 1080p / 10bit (anime) Frame Break (SW)
h.265 / 1080p / 8bit Correct
h.265 / 1080p / 10bit (anime) Correct
h.265 / [email protected] / 8bit Correct
h.265 / [email protected] / 10bit HDR Frame Break (SW)
VP9 P1 / 4K @ 24fps / 8bit Correct
VP9 P2 / [email protected] / 10bit HDR Frame Break (SW)
VP9 P2 / [email protected] / 10bit HDR Frame Break (SW)
AV1 / 4K @ 24fps / 10bit Frame Break (SW)
Max. Bitrate 100 Mbps = 12,5 MB/s.
  • The maximum bitrate depends on the port used to connect or the limitations of the SAMBA Networks.
  • SW = does not have hw acceleration and may have some jumps, since the decoding is done by Software.
Audio Formats Result
Dolby 5.1 / Plus / Atmos / True HD = PCM
DTS 5.1 / MA / HR / X = PCM
  • PCM – Stereo only downmixing from DD or DTS.
  • Core – Only the core of the format is reproduced with what we switch to the Dolby or DTS base system / More info.

Streaming services

We carried out several tests on the streaming services to see how popular services work. The tablet BMAX MaxPad i10 offers us the possibility of watching streaming content in basic quality for Netflix staying in SD +, it surprises us with good quality in other similar services such as Amazon Prime Video o Disney+. Luckily it is SoC yes that offers the apps on Google Play without complicating us much.

  • DRM: Google Widevine L3.
  • Audio certificates: No.

test streaming results



BMAX MaxPad i10


BMAX MaxPad i10


  • Android 10
  • Powerful SoC and fluid system
  • Correct design
  • Wifi ac + BT 5.0
  • Adjusted Price


  • Battery somewhat short
  • Basic IPS screen


Once we have tested the tablet BMAX MaxPad i10 We can say that it is an interesting tablet if we are looking for something inexpensive. In this model we have the SoC UNISOC T610 Octa Core which has a good performance for its price and has a GPU that allows us to run powerful games properly. We also have good connectivity Wifi ac with Bluetooth 5.0 that behaves well, some speakers with loud sound and a convenient USB Type-C for charging and data.

The tablet BMAX MaxPad i10 has a screen IPS 10.1″ that we can use comfortably indoors and is of sufficient quality for normal use. A tablet that also suffers in terms of battery duration, The SoC controls the energy consumption well, but when we demand performance we can see how the percentage falls quickly, although this is a common evil in most tablets.

As we have seen the tablet BMAX MaxPad i10 is a Inexpensive product and quite good for home use. A model for those looking for something adjusted in price and valid for games or videos without suffering from performance.

Where to buy

  • BMAX MaxPad i10 is available in the store for only 134 € using the discount coupon from the offer.

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