onn. 4K Streaming Box, analysis: a tiny TV-Box with all the certificates

onn. 4K Streaming Box, analysis: a tiny TV-Box with all the certificates

onn. 4K Streaming Box It is an interesting Android micro box of which we present today its analysis or review. This device can only be purchased in stores Wallmart de EEUU, but we can find it under other names in Europe like Dynalink.

The small onn. 4K Streaming Box has the SoC Amlogic S905Y2 that we have already seen in other similar devices. This tiny TV-Box with system Android TV 10 account by default with a bluetooth remote control quite complete and microphone for him Google Assistant with which we can control this device. It also offers us Chromecast integrated to send content from our mobile and all permissions for streaming apps in 4K HDR quality. Let’s see in our review how this onn behaves. 4K Streaming Box and what it offers us.

  • onn. 4K Streaming Box Is available in Wallmart.com for only 19,89$ (18€)
  • In Europe we have the Dynalink available in Amazon for 54,76 € with free shipping for Amazon Prime customers.

onn. 4K Streaming Box



El Android TV-Box onn. Android TV UHD Streaming Device It comes in a simple cardboard box with the image of the product in the upper area. Inside we find the small TV-Box, remote control, 5V 1A charger and a first steps manual in English.


No doubt the onn. UHD Streaming Box It stands out for its small size and we can hang it behind our TV with the supplied cable. On the back we have the microUSB 2.0 OTG connector and on the front the HDMI 2.1 port, on the side we can see a status led and a button to pair. The remote control is Bluetooth + IR count with one microphone for Google Assistant, we also have keys to use with our TV and thus be able to change the channel or video output, something that is configured when you start it.

onn. 4K Streaming Box review

This small TV-Box has a chip Wifi ac MIMO + Bluetooth that has internal wifi antennas. The cooling system does its job well because it barely heats up. We discovered the pairing button on one of the sides in case the connection with the remote control fails

  • Remote control: Command BT + IR with microphone / Compatible with keyboard and mouse / Control App for Android TV.
  • USB port: It allows us to connect a USB 3.0 HUB + microUSB OTG cable, for peripherals or add Ethernet.

onn. 4K Streaming Box


Environment and user experience

Once started we get to the configuration wizard where we can adjust the Wi-Fi, define which apps will be installed by default and select the type of content that we want to see on the main screen. After the configuration we arrive at the new launcher Android TV based on rows with tabs of content or shortcuts to installed apps. When we update the apps the launch launch will change to Google TV with a more modern design. Overall performance is good, we can move smoothly and quickly between menus.

  • Launcher: YES we can change the launcher / Android UI renders to 1080p.
  • Multitasking and access: Multitasking NOT available / Notifications on top icon.
  • Languages ​​and app store: Spanish and all the international Android classics / Android TV app store.
  • Check our Android TV user manual to install classic Android Apps, prevent screen from rotating and much more.


We check the system data and the options it includes regarding root, we also observe what ignition systems this device allows us. This TV-Box has updates via OTA to correct possible faults.

  • On and off: Sleep mode / Power off settings available.
  • Version and root: Android TV 10 (32 bit) / NO Root  / NO selector Root / CPU r0p4 (S905Y2) / Model sti6140d360.
  • Medium: Support by OTA of onn / IMG Firmware NOT available, only OTA update.

Network, storage, RAM and ports

The TV-Box onn. UHD Streaming Box has memory 2 GB de RAM DDR3 and for storage we have in this version of 8 GB eMMC that we can expand with a USB memory. In the network section you have a wireless adapter Wifi ac MIMO + Bluetooth that as we can see in the tests the results are good and the adapter Ethernet USB It also behaves normally, reaching good figures despite its speed limitation.

  • Red: Antena Wifi interna / Alcance -43 dBm / Link 5G 867 Mbps / Ethernet USB / Bluetooth OK.

It has a puerto microUSB OTG to connect external drives, peripherals or Ethernet output thanks to a USB 3.0 HUB. We check that the performance of the internal storage is pretty good and moves the system without problems, on the other hand the memoria RAM offers us some data in the line of these devices.

  • Storage: Total 8GB – Free 3GB eMMC / SI expandable by USB.

Power and performance

In terms of performance the onn. 4K Streaming Box has the SoC Amlogic S905Y2 Quad Core con procesadores ARM Cortex-A53 and in the graphic section a GPU Mali-G31 MP2 which is in the mid-range. This SoC is a variant of the S905X2 that is somewhat inferior to the S905X3 or the recent S905X4, but nothing major. As we can see in the results, we only have a small improvement in mono-core performance, it is well positioned equaling Fire TV-Box 4K and the new Googlecast TV and widely surpasses the Xiaomi Mi TV-Box.

As to games We could run PUBG in medium / low quality and also cloud gaming services like NVIDIA GForce Now or Google Stadia using the APK to install it. In section emulators We can run a maximum of some Wii titles, but we will not have problems with 2D games from classic consoles with emulators such as Retroarch or from KODI, the EmuELEC system cannot be run as it is not compatible.

This SoC is manufactured in 12nm, has a very low consumption, the cooling system works perfectly and the temperatures are low in normal use. The SoC manages the speeds correctly so as not to overheat.

  • Thermal: Min. 39ºC / In use 42ºC / Max. 60ºC / Maintains performance up to 94% / Surface heating / 0db of noise.
  • Consumption: Off 0.9W / Min. 3W / In use 3.2W / Max. 4.5W.


Playback test

Regarding the video playback the onn. 4K Streaming Box supports most modern video formats like h.265, VP9 with support of 4K native resolution @ 60fps HDR, although it is not compatible with the recent AV1 codec that for now has a testimonial use. It does not have an app for video quality settings and it does not have an automatic refresh change. We have official support HDR10+ but we don’t sing with Dolby Vision or Dolby Atmos.

You can use players like code The PLEX without the slightest problem installing them directly from the Android TV store. As for audio we can reproduce sound DD and DTS up to 5.1 through its HDMI port. The system Chromecast 4K works perfectly with all supported services.

Video and audio test results

Video Formats Result
h.264 / 1080i / 8bit Correct
h.264 / 1080p / 4K / 8bit Correct
h.264 / 1080p / 10bit (anime) Frame Break (SW)
h.265 / 1080p / 8bit Correct
h.265 / 1080p / 10bit (anime) Correct
h.265 / [email protected] / 8bit Correct
h.265 / [email protected] / 10bit HDR Correct
VP9 P1 / 4K @ 24fps / 8bit Correct
VP9 P2 / [email protected] / 10bit HDR Correct
VP9 P2 / [email protected] / 10bit HDR Frame Break (SW)
AV1 / 4K @ 24fps / 10bit Frame Break (SW)
Max. Bitrate 100 Mbps = 12,5 MB/s.
  • The maximum bitrate depends on the port used to connect or the limitations of the SAMBA Networks
  • SW = does not have hw acceleration and may have some jump, since the decoding is done by Software
Audio Formats Result
Dolby 5.1 / Plus = OK || True HD / Atmos = Core
DTS 5.1 / MA = OK || HR / X = Core
  • PCM – Stereo only downmixing from DD or DTS.
  • Core – Only the core of the format is reproduced with what we switch to the Dolby or DTS base system / More info.

Streaming services

We passed several tests on the streaming services to see how popular services work. The onn. 4K Streaming Box offers us maximum compatibility with all the most popular streaming services. We can see in quality 4K HDR the contents of Netflix, Prime Video, Disney + and in the highest quality others such as HBO.

  • DRM: Google Widevine L1 / Playready,
  • Audio / Video certificates: Dolby D+.

test streaming results

  • Multichannel audio only available via HDMI connection in streaming services, via SPDIF only in stereo.

CONCLUSIONS AND PURCHASE LINK of the onn. 4K Streaming Box


onn. 4K Streaming Box


onn. 4K Streaming Box


  • Price
  • Compact design
  • Android TV 10 fluent
  • No customization
  • BT remote


  • Only available in the US
  • No Dolby Atmos/Vision


After testing the onn. 4K Streaming Box We can say that we are facing an interesting micro TV-Box, it hurts that it is only available in the US. In the power section the SoC Amlogic S905Y2 It is in a very good place compared to its rivals Fire TV-Box 4K or Google Chromecast TV and leaves the Xiaomi Mi Box far behind. It has a remote control Bluetooth + IR that also offers us control of TV functions, without complications and we can also use it with Google Assistant.

In the connections section the onn. 4K Streaming Box integrates an adapter Wifi and MIMO with good speed, we can also connect a HUB USB 3.0 con Ethernet to have network stability. This device does not get very hot when playing video, in normal use or playing games. The system we have Android TV 10 without any custom layer that moves fluidly.

This Android Box has all the certificates for streamin appsg allowing these services to be reproduced in quality 4K HDR. We can also use other apps as players IPTV, PLEX The code To view local content, we do have the classic limitations of this type of Android Box without quality and image control or automatic refresh change.

As we see the onn. 4K Streaming Box it is a good micro TV-Box with fluent Android TV and streaming certificatesThe only downside is that it is only available in the US and that forces us to use an import method.

Where to buy the onn. 4K Streaming Box

  • onn. 4K Streaming Box Is available in Wallmart.com for only 19,89$ (18€)
  • In Europe we have the Dynalink available in Amazon for 54,76 € with free shipping for Amazon Prime customers.

onn. 4K Streaming Box

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