NVIDIA GeForce NOW: How to Play Powerful PC Games on Android, Mini PC, or Mac

NVIDIA GeForce NOW: How to Play Powerful PC Games on Android, Mini PC, or Mac

In this guide we will explain how to run NVIDIA GeForce NOW on any of our compatible devices such as NVIDIA Shield TV, Windows PC, MAC, Smartphones, Tablets y Android TV-Box. This is the perfect option to be able to play any powerful triple A title that we have bought on any digital platform such as Steam, Epic Games, UPlay, GOG, Origin or similar without restrictions on any device even if it has basic hardware.


The service NVIDIA GeForce NOW allows us to access a large catalog of PC games directly including 50 free titles like Fortnite. These titles are adapted to the gamepad of the Shield or other similar ones such as the Xbox or PS4, in any TV-Box with Android we can also use keyboard and mouse without problems as we have seen.

The updated game is installed on a server of a PC Virtual that manages Nvidia with state-of-the-art hardware, we just have to add it in our biblioteca de GeForce NOW and launch it from this application. The picture quality in games will fluctuate depending on the video compression that is required to maintain a frame rate per second.

  • Free way: Access limited to availability / Session duration of 1 hour, if we close and open it restarts / For free.
  • Modo Founders: Priority access / Long session duration / RTX activated / € 5.49 per month.
  • Special offer: All Founders / Season pass options and content for Hyper Scape / € 27.45 for 6 months.


The requirements of NVIDIA GeForce NOW on Android they are very low, although the ideal device is the NVIDIA Shield TV we can play on any Android device. It is compatible with the vast majority of TV-Box, Smartphones o Tablets, it is only necessary to install the GeForce NOW app and use our user account to access.


We can also play with NVIDIA GeForce NOW on any computer with Windows, Mac OS or Chrome OS. It is ideal for devices without very powerful hardware with integrated graphics such as mini PCs or non-Gaming laptops. The basic specifications are very low and we can run the app on any type of hardware.

  • Instalar app GeForce NOW
  • Windows 7 64bit / macOS 10.10 / Chrome 77.x / Linux con repos Lutris o con Google user agent perfil Chromebook
  • Memoria RAM 4 GB
  • CPU Dual core 2 GHz
  • GPU superior a NVIDIA serie 600, Radeon 300 o Intel HD 2000 / DirectX 11
  • Remote with USB connection or Bluetooth 4.0 or higher
    – Mando Shield, Xbox 360/One, Dual Shock 4 o compatible
  • Conexión 15 Mbps para 720p 60fps  / 25 Mbps para 1080p 60fps  / Ethernet o router Wi-Fi 5G


We have a large number of games available to run on NVIDIA GeForce NOW, both in format free like Fortnite like the ones already we have bought in our online stores like Steam. With the different forms of subscription that we have seen, we have from free mode with a limitation of 1 hour to unlimited for a monthly fee.


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