KOSPET MAGIC 4, analysis: new Smartwatch with circular IPS HD screen

KOSPET MAGIC 4, analysis: new Smartwatch with circular IPS HD screen

KOSPET MAGIC 4 It is the KOSPET brand Smartwatch of which we present our review or analysis today, a device that has a large screen IPS HD and a neat design with 2.5D glass on its screen.

This new KOSPET brand Smartwatch has an interesting 1.32 IP IPS HD display with a good resolution of 360 × 360 and with a metal body of only 9 mm. This smart watch has multiple sensors such as those of heart rate, blood pressure and the option to monitor up to 20 sports. Let’s see in our analysis how it behaves and whether or not it is worth it compared to its rivals.

  • The Smartwatch KOSPET MAGIC 4 can be purchased at KOSPET for only 48,50 € with shipping costs and taxes included, using the coupon from the store itself KMAGIC4UP.


First contact

In the following video you can appreciate different aspects of the product and a first contact where we discuss its main characteristics. You will also see how its IPS screen works and the main menus of the device.


The new Smartwatch KOSPET MAGIC 4 offers us a classic design that stands out for its rounded box with 2.5D glass. We have a large circular screen 1.32 ″ IPS HD touch that occupies the front and in the back we find the measurement sensors in contact with our wrist. The bracelet has dimensions of 48 x 9 mm and the whole a weight of 54 gr that make it quite light in daily use, it does not bother.

The KOSPET MAGIC 4 comes with a comfortable and wide silicone strap with adjustments for all types of wrists, bracelet that can be easily replaced with a compatible one. We have two designs for the box in black or gold color, where the strap of the gold model is pink. We have two physical buttons To control the system, go back in the menu or switch it off by pressing and holding the red button.

In the back we find two magnetic charging points and readers of the installed sensors. This design is submersible which is submersible up to 5 ATM and it is designed to get wet in the day to day or to do water sports. the basis of fast charge it fixes the watch quite firmly and connects to any charger through its classic USB Type-A end.


Front screen

On the IPS screen of the KOSPET MAGIC 4 we have basic information and we can change design with the dials included by default or in the app that we can download. Normally in the watch we have an indicator of time, steps, date and heart rate. We have gestures in 4 ways that give us direct access to different functions, on the left the sensors, down device settings, on the right sports measurements and down notifications.

The KOSPET MAGIC 4 has a touch screen is a IPS has of 1,32″, occupies the entire front and has a resolution 360 x 360, the image is of high quality and the definition of elements is clear. The brightness power is sufficient for indoors, but it suffers outdoors if there is very intense light, by default the auto-on is activated if we turn the wrist. We can deactivate the effect of the wrist turn and turn it on manually with the side button.

Control app

It is possible to control the Smartwatch KOSPET MAGIC 4 with its management app called Yes Fit for Android or iOS that is available from the official stores of each system. On the main screen we have access to three main sections, an overview in the section Today, different clock settings within the section Magic4 and our personal data in Me. The control app as we can see comes in español, the translation of the app is quite good.

  • App for smartphones available on Android or iOS.
  • It has support for unlocking mobiles with Smart Lock.

In section Magic4 you will find all the settings of our user profile. In these settings we can activate different reminders, screen control when raising the hand, alarm clock, camera shooting and we can also access the firmware update. We can also have on-screen notifications directly, for example WhatsApp’s read perfectly.

  • Notifications: We can read text messages for WhatsApp and similar / Account with vibration.
  • Calls: We have call notification, but you have to answer on the phone.


On the smartwatch KOSPET MAGIC 4 we have a lithium battery of 230 mAh, which with moderate use of the screen (we recommend deactivating the automatic switch-on by turning the wrist) can last us a few 7-10 days per charge. If we use it intensively with its sensors, it may last less, recharging is quite fast if we use a good charger. The control app does not imply problems in the battery of our mobile from what we have verified.

Integrated sensors, modem and GPS

In the back of the KOSPET MAGIC 4 we have heart and blood pressure meter, it goes into continuous mode when we choose a sports activity profile. We also have pedometer and sleep monitor, All these data are approximate as it happens in all Smartwatch.

  • Pulseometer: We have continuous or punctual measurement for daily use.
  • sports: 20 different activities available.



Once we have tested the Smartwatch KOSPET MAGIC 4 We can say that it is a device with a fairly careful design and comfortable to wear due to its thickness. A positive point of this smartwatch is its pantalla IPS HD, which for example allows us to read WhatsApp or Email notifications perfectly. We also have a fairly long autonomy so that we do not have to continually recharge. The magnetic system it is very practical and efficient with a good charger.

The KOSPET MAGIC 4 It includes a fairly intuitive and uncomplicated management software, the Spanish translation is quite good, something that is out of the ordinary in this regard. The watch body features allows submerge it up to 5 ATM and it seems quite watertight for nautical activities. The two physical buttons on its side allow us to unlock it and control the menus with more precision.

It’s a Smartwatch KOSPET MAGIC 4 It’s a product efficient and with pantalla HD. For the price at which it can be obtained, it is a good alternative if we are looking for something with a screen to comfortably read messages.






  • Pantalla IPS HD
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Attractive design
  • App practice
  • Heart and pressure sensor


  • Outdoors with light, you lose visibility

Purchase options

  • The Smartwatch KOSPET MAGIC 4 can be purchased at KOSPET for only 48,50 € with shipping costs and taxes included, using the coupon from the store itself KMAGIC4UP.

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