For a few weeks the devices with system Android TV like the popular NVIDIA Shield TV and others have received an update to their home screen that includes advertising, let’s see how we can remove it.

With the progressive update of the classic launcher of Android TV without advertising to the new launcher Google TV We have seen how content ads have been introduced in video mode, something quite annoying if we are only interested in this launcher to launch certain apps. We have several ways to tackle this problem, from options to mitigate it to others to completely eliminate it by taking certain steps, read on to learn about them.


If we are not bothered by the advertising of multimedia content, but if we are bothered by the Autoplay of videos on our home screen we have a simple method to avoid this behavior, we just have to change a few settings.

  • Let’s go to: Settings> Device preferences> Home screen
  • We deactivate:
    – Customize channels> deactivate everything or what we are not interested in
    – Deactivate “Enable video previews
    – Deactivate “Enable previews with audio


If our device did not come standard with the launcher Google TV we can return the classic launcher removing the update, the process is straightforward. The downside is that we will have to update all the apps manually from time to time.

  • Let’s go to: Google Play> User icon> Settings > Auto update apps > DO NOT update
  • Let’s go to: Settings> Applications> See all apps > Show system apps
  • We enter the app “Android TV Home“And click on”Uninstall updates


As a definitive alternative method we can completely replace the Google TV launcher and use our own launcher without advertising. This method requires some knowledge and is not as simple as the previous ones.

  1. Instalamos el app Launcher Manager para Android TV / Chromecast TV
  2. Instalamos launcher alternativo Leanback Launcher
  3. Let’s go to: Settings> Device Preferences> Information / About …
  4. Let’s go to the section “Compilation“And click 7 times on this text to activate the”Development options“.
  5. We go back and enter: “Development options
  6. We activate the option “Network Debugging
  7. We run the Launcher Manager app and click on “Enable custom Launcher
  8. In the message that is shown, mark “Always allow from this Computer” and Accept.
  9. We click on the button “Home“Of the remote control and select the new Launcher as”Forever
  10. We can now use the alternative launcher normally.