Dreame T30, review: a powerful handheld vacuum cleaner with good performance

Dreame T30, review: a powerful handheld vacuum cleaner with good performance

Dreame T30 Vacumm Cleaner It is the new handheld vacuum cleaner that we will see in our review or analysis, a product that offers us an attractive design with height specifications.

The Dream T30 has a powerful engine 550 W and many extra accessories to reach any corner of our house. This handheld vacuum cleaner has removable batteries to simplify recharging or have several ready, it also has pantalla HD to see the live information of our work session. Let’s see how it defends itself in our analysis and what it offers us regarding the competition in its sector.

  • Vacuum Dream T30 can be purchased at Amazon.es from 354 € using the discount coupon DREAMET3008.



In the following video you can see the handheld vacuum cleaner Dream T30, we discuss its main characteristics while we unbox it. You can see the extras that are included and the compartments of the different components.


This new handheld vacuum cleaner Dream T30 It has a good number of accessories, undoubtedly a positive aspect to work comfortably. All these extras have a snap-in trigger to hook them to the suction unit or between them. It should be noted the two motorized brushes for use with the vacuum cleaner, a larger main one and a small head. We also have a long main arm, in addition to charging base with extra battery compartment, hose, ball joint and a long vacuum cleaner arm.

The handheld vacuum cleaner Dream T30 It has in its body in metallic color that resists dirt, in the main body we have an integrated motor, removable battery and a deposit of waste up to 0.6 L with HEPA filters that we can easily clean. In the back we have a pantalla HD to select from Eco, Standard and Turbo modes, which can be locked. On the handle we have the power button, on the battery the extraction button and the bottom part the opening of the tank.

  • Control: HD screen / Three power modes / With suction lock.
  • Triggers: Trigger on / Tank unlocking trigger / Tank opening / Battery unlocking.


Usage options

The powerful Dream T30 have a detachable long arm, this is the most comfortable option for cleaning all floors and unloading the weight of the vacuum cleaner on the cleaning roller. The main motorized roller also has a ball joint system that allows free movement over the angle of the floor or to tilt it under the sofa.

Also with the Dream T30 We have two cleaning heads, the large roller It includes cleaning bristles, rubber gaskets and a V-shape to optimize cleaning that we can easily remove from the side by turning the lever. The small roller It is also replaceable and we can easily disassemble it if we want to clean it.

Included with the vacuum cleaner are several components that allow us to use the vacuum cleaner directly and by not having motorized rollers these accessories also save battery. We have a brush with cleaning bristles that allows it to be used in a double position, we also have a short conventional rigid vacuum cleaner.

The transparent suction tube surprises us with a led light At its extreme, this is handy for getting into the tightest corners and seeing what’s out there. We only find LEDs in this accessory, the rest do not have lighting.

Filter cleaning

In order to clean the Dream T30 we can press the lower trigger in front of the battery that allows disassembling the waste deposit, eject the content and it is quite easy to clean. By means of a turning system we can remove the filter cone and below we have the HEPA filter that we can also clean under water if necessary (see manual).

  • Tank and filters: Solids 600 ml / HEPA filter 5 phases 99.9% 3 microns / 12 cones.

This handheld vacuum cleaner also allows us directly open the waste container Without removing it from the vacuum cleaner, we only have to press the trigger that we find in the lower part of the tank, in this way we can easily empty the system.

Maintenance and spare parts

The vacuum cleaner Dream T30 like all these products you need a regular maintenance and cleaning, something that will depend on the frequency of use and the dirty environment you have in your day to day. We can remove the rollers easily following the instructions, these items can be purchased separately to replace them.

  • Spare parts: Spare parts pack will be available on Amazon or AliExpress.

Support and recharge

Included with the vacuum cleaner we have a bracket to fix on the wall, in the upper area it has a box that leans where we have to put the battery and then support it. This same support allows us to store all the accessories of the vacuum cleaner in an orderly way, also in the upper part if we remove the cap we can fit another extra battery.


Usage tests

We passed several tests over several days with the vacuum cleaner Dream T30 and we have checked the results are positive, this vacuum cleaner removes dirt from the house on various surfaces in a comfortable way. We have three power modes, the Eco mode which improves battery life, Standard mode that balances the power depending on the required aspiration, Turbo mode high-power that gives us all the power, but that greatly shortens the autonomy of the battery.

In the next video you can see how works by sucking elements And as it is heard in the different modes from less to more power, as is logical if we use the more powerful modes the autonomy is reduced. In general, the cleaning results are good if we go over the dirtiest areas with the Turbo mode where large particles are easily swallowed. The system does not have a vacuum position lock something that would be more comfortable.

  • Power: 550 W / 150000 rpm / Dreame Space 5.0 Smart VF Motor.
  • Noise: 69 dB in Standard mode.


The vacuum cleaner Dream T30 It gives us autonomy in line with the data provided by the brand, although this is highly variable. If we use motorized cleaning rollers we improve cleaning, but they also consume energy, if we are going to clean sofas or the like with static brushes we have enough and we can extend the autonomy time.

  • Battery: 8 × 2900 mAh replaceable / 3.5 h charge 100%
  • Autonomy: 60 min Eco / 27 min Standard / 8 min Turbo.

To increase the duration of vacuuming the Dream T30 we can buy one extra battery that fits perfectly with the vacuum cleaner holder on top, so we can use the same charger to recharge both the vacuum cleaner and this extra battery. Certainly a well-designed point of this device.



Once we have passed tests to the handheld vacuum cleaner Dream T30 we can say that it has a high power and is very efficient, the engine of 550 W and 150,000 rpm gives us good results. This robot allows us to comfortably vacuum our entire house thanks to the extras it includes where the inclusion of the straight arm with integrated LED it is an interesting detail. The Dream T30 also includes a system of phase filter + HEPA that we can clean very easily, something to keep in mind.

Highlight your generous battery that can be easily disassembled that can be complemented by buying a extra battery to extend working hours. Thanks to the design of the vertical support, we can include that extra battery in its upper area and also easily order all the vacuum cleaner accessories in it. Note also the led screen that mounts on the handle to have device information at all times.

It can certainly be said that the Dream T30 is a powerful vacuum cleaner with many extras. A vacuum cleaner for those who need extra power and a large capacity removable battery.


Dream T30


Dream T30


  • Good design
  • Easy to clean
  • Great power
  • HD display included
  • Vacuum block

Where to buy

  • Vacuum Dream T30 can be purchased at Amazon.es from 354 € using the discount coupon DREAMET3008.

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