Dreame Bot L10 Pro, analysis: a cleaning robot with integrated 3D vision

Dreame Bot L10 Pro, analysis: a cleaning robot with integrated 3D vision

Dreame Bot L10 Pro is the brand’s new cleaning robot Dreame that we will see today in our analysis or review, a robot that has a double control system and mapping of its environment.

The robot Dreame Bot L10 Pro has multiple sensors, a mapping system LiDAR in its upper part and a system of 3d vision to detect objects head-on. It also integrates a mop scrubbing system and features a good control app with many options to program or manage it from anywhere. Let’s see how it defends itself in our analysis where we will put all its features and use options to the test.

  • The Dreame Bot L10 Pro can be purchased at Amazon for a price of 309,99 € using the Discount coupon from the store together to the discount code DML10PBF during this Black Friday.



You can see the cleaning robot Dreame Bot L10 Pro in our unboxing video where we discuss its main characteristics. You can see the extras that are included and the compartments of the different components.


This cleaning robot Dreame Bot L10 Pro It has a classic design where in the upper part we find the turret for the mapping system laser LiDAR. We have three buttons at the top, one to send it to the charging base, another to start or stop and one to clean the area. In the upper area when lifting the lid of the robot we find the system of Deposit that we can empty and clean without problems under the tap.

  • Navigation: LiDAR / Front 3D object sensor / Bottom sensor / Contact sensors.
  • mapped: You can store up to 5 different maps.

In the frontal area of ​​the Dreame Bot L10 Pro we have a bumper that protects and detects blows when working at home, the sensors of the visor 3D that allows you to dodge everyday objects without touching them. This function can be deactivated from the robot’s app if it gives us problems at home.

  • Power: 4000 Pascals max. / Modes: silent, standard, loud and turbo.

If we turn the robot around in the lower area we find the two main driving wheels, a steering wheel at the front, a rotating brush to go over edges and the housing for the cleaning roller principal. The brush has rubber fins and combi brushes for maximum dirt removal.

In the lower area we have the charging points for the dock and sensors to avoid falls in steps. Here we also have the deposit with scrubbing mop that we can disassemble if we are not interested in performing this function.

The modular tank system allows us to switch between vacuuming only and vacuumed + moppedIf the tank is not mounted, it automatically enters sweep-only mode, the solid tank is 570 ml. The app and the vacuum cleaner itself will give us alerts when maintenance is required and the spare parts for this robot are very cheap and easy to find.

  • Deposits: Solids 570 ml / Liquid 270 ml (removable).

The scrub tank is integrated into the tray that supports the mop, has a capacity of 270 ml, is filled with the rubber stopper at its end. The scrubbing system is the classic one, we have a mop that drags the surface, we can choose between different levels of wetting and it is recommended wet the mop before mounting to work.



It is very easy to start the cleaning robot Dreame Bot L10 Pro, the control app will guide us throughout the start-up process, even so, several points must be taken into account for its correct operation.

  1. You have to place the charging base in a position where the robot has 0.5 m free on each side and 1.5 m free in front.
  2. Download e install the Mi Home app desde Play Store o App Store.
  3. We recommend putting the mobile connected to our 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network, not 5 GHz during configuration.
  4. Register in the control app by creating a user.
  5. We turn on the robot by pressing the power button.
  6. We select the robot when the app detects it and enter the Wi-Fi password (solo 2.4 GHz).
  7. Once the process is finished, we can use the robot normally.

Control app

The control app Dreame Bot L10 Pro It is very complete, we have full control of our cleaning robot and it provides us with information at all times. On the cover of the app we have the current status of the robot and next to it also the settings section (three-point menu) where we can update firmware from the system or directly share the use of the robot with another user (requires registration as well). Here we explain how to connect you with the attendees or Google Home, Alexa The Siri if we want control it by voice.

If we click on the robot icon we can access all the cleaning system settings, access to edit the map where can we save different maps and allows you to also change the cleaning mode from this screen.

Using our cleaning map we can make modifications, limit cleaning areas, block rooms, combine them or list in what order we want the total or partial cleaning to be carried out. We can save multiple floors and we can also disable 3D vision if it gives us problems in our house.

From the robot options we can also manage the system of automatic detection for carpets if we have rough surfaces in our home to work on them in a specific way. We can also activate the Custom Mode to configure each room to our liking.

It is also possible to view the cleaning history or check the robot logs. We also have the option of entering the robot programming settings so that the system starts up automatically, we can also access the map management, the remote control with virtual remote control or activate do not disturb mode.


Usage tests

We carry out tests with the robot for several days in the usual tasks in a home, the Dreame Bot L10 Pro offers us positive results and it maintains the cleaning optimally within what is a cleaning robot of this type. Using the normal mode on a floor where the cleaning area is 54 m² takes about 1 hour to complete the entire route, although the first time is slower.

As usual mop system It improves the cleaning result, if we have very encrusted dirt, they will always have to be dealt with in a conventional way. This is a very practical add-on system to keep floors much brighter than with just the traditional sweep roller. Remember that you have to wet the mop before installing it on the robot if we want to scrub.

As we have verified the 3D object detection is pretty good, this system does not send information abroad and it is more limited than others that have AI. Has no trouble working dodging chairs, table legs or strips that it detects so as not to collide, although it is always better clear the work area to optimize your routes as much as possible.

In the next video you can see how is the 3D object detection And as it sounds in normal use in normal mode, if we need much more suction because we have a lot of dust or animals, the autonomy is reduced. The carpet mode it prints more power depending on how we have configured these settings in the app.

  • Noise: 65 dB in silent mode.


It’s a robot Dreame Bot L10 Pro offers us sufficient autonomy in our tests, cleaning some 54 m2 battery ends at 26% load in normal modeIt is not the largest autonomy that we have seen in a robot but it is sufficient in normal mode. The recharging period is quite slow and it will take about three hours if we have it at a minimum.

  • Autonomy: 5200 mAh 46W / 180 minutes in normal.


The cleaning robot Dreame Bot L10 Pro as everyone needs some dedication to your maintenance and cleaning, something that will depend on the frequency of use and the dirty environment you have in your day to day. In the maintenance settings It also shows us the status of the main components that we must replace by use, all components can be removed or cleaned very easily.

  • Spare parts: Spare parts pack available on Amazon or Aliexpress from 14€.
Recommended cleaning components
Every use Mop scrubbing
Empty waste tank
1 week Main brush
Waste tank
2 weeks wash filter
Monthly Side brush
Loading station



After spending a few days testing, we can say that the Dreame Bot L10 Pro does well with basic tasks to keep the house clean. This robot has a good remote control app that allows us to get a positive performance from this robot. It allows us to control different maps, this allows us to use it on several floors or simply take it to our second residence to use it daily.

It has a sufficient autonomy Although not very high, we have verified that with a single charge it is enough to clean a floor of about 100 m2 in normal mode and we have 26% of battery left to recharge. You have to be patient with the charging times, but if it is only discharged halfway it will take a couple of hours to recharge.

During our tests we have verified that we obtain good cleaning results, in addition the LIDAR system + 3D vision that integrates dodge objects quite efficiently and it is possible to deactivate it if it does not suit us. This robot offers us a hassle-free maintenance where only the main brush will need more attention with long tangled hairs.

We can say that the robot Dreame Bot L10 Pro offers us a adequate performance at a good price, the 3D vision system in our case has worked well for us and the autonomy is sufficient for a normal house.


Dreame Bot L10 Pro


Dreame Bot L10 Pro


  • LIDAR + 3D Vision
  • Mop scrubbing
  • Adjusted Price
  • Compatible Xiaomi Home
  • App excelente


  • Sufficient but improvable autonomy

Where to buy

  • The Dreame Bot L10 Pro can be purchased at Amazon for a price of 309,99 € using the Discount coupon from the store together to the discount code DML10PBF during this Black Friday.

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