In this tutorial we want to explain how to install the app Disney+ on any Android TV-Box, Tablet, or Smartphone without depending on Google Play. This app is not available in the official app store of some devices and the message “Your device is not compatible with this version“. This problem is not exclusive to non-Disney + certified models as even top brand phones or tablets seem to have this limitation. We are going to explain in a simple way how to solve this problem although we already anticipate that there is certain limitations with sound.


By default the app Disney + from Google Play is not compatible with any unofficial TV-Box, mobile or tabletAs it is NOT certified hardware, we cannot install this app directly. If we carry out a normal search for Disney + on Google Play on a TV-Box, the application does not appear in the results and only apps that have an indirect relationship are shown.

  • The exact error message is: Your device is not compatible with this version.


Fortunately the limitation that prevents installing Disney + from Google Play is not critical because we can manually install the Disney + app very easily by following the steps described in the following manual.

  1. We are going to need a mouse or flymouse To control the Disney + app well, if we use a tablet we can use touch control.
  2. DOWNLOAD the latest version of the Disney + app for Android 5.0+, play in HD quality.
  3. Installation and limitations:
    – Install APK by running it from any file explorer such as Solid Explorer or X-Plore.
    – 4K resolutions are limited to Disney + certified devices.


  • If when playing we have no sound in the Disney + app we can try the following solutions.
    Solution 1 (SD quality video):
    – Enter Profile> App Settings> Wifi data usage> Select = Save data (stereo sound and SD video).
    Solution 2 (HD quality video):
    – To listen to the audio We start the download of the chapter and pause it, it will play back with stereo sound and HD video.
    Why can’t Disney + be heard directly?
    – The audio in the vast majority of titles only heard from streaming if we have the TV-Box connected to a AV receiver that can decode Dolby Digital Plus, otherwise we will not have audio. See our Guide to multichannel sound on Android.
  • Once installed we can use it normally, we can Adjust the style of the subtitles with this guide.
  • The application will not be updated from Google Play, as it will be marked as not compatible with our device.
  • For any suggestion of app improvement or complaint go to the Disney + website> Help Center> Send comments.


It is possible that the app Disney+ of problems in some more advanced version in our TV-Box and install a new incompatible version. To block this you have to go to Google Play, we open the menu of this application (three lines in the search bar) we go to the Disney + app and in the upper part where the 3 points appear we deactivate «Update automatically»

  • NOTE: If we cannot find the app on Google Play, it is not necessary to carry out this step.