Corsair Saber RGB Pro, analysis: a new competition gaming mouse

Corsair Saber RGB Pro, analysis: a new competition gaming mouse

Corsair Sabre RGB Pro It is the lightweight Gaming mouse that we present today in its analysis or review thanks to the collaboration of Corsair. A high-performance mouse, RGB lighting and top-performance sensor.

This new lightweight gaming mouse features a Hiperpolling 8000 Hz that accelerates communication with our PC, also integrates a high precision sensor with a definition of up to 18000 DPI, 450 IPS and 50G acceleration in jumps of only 1 DPI. It has a system of RGB lighting, Quickstrike 0 Gap pushbuttons and possibility to control without problems all your options thanks to the software Corsair iCUE. It also weighs only 74 grams and has a cable system Paracord of great flexibility. Let’s check now what this competitive gaming mouse offers us and what performance it has.




The Corsair Sabre RGB Pro We are presented with a cardboard box with the classic colors of the brand, inside we find the mouse protected for transport, the coiled cable and the manuals. In the following video you can see the content and how its default RGB lights work.

Inside the box Corsair Sabre RGB Pro We have a small manual that should be read to know the key points of the mouse, the cable comes with a rubber system to roll it up and leave it only the right length necessary.


The mouse Corsair Sabre RGB Pro has 6 programmable buttons and a sober design with a non-slip feel without annoying protrusions. The two main pushbuttons on the front have the system Quickstrike 0 Gap to improve the response and we also have two buttons on the side, a DPI button and another button on the wheel. At the bottom we find five teflon surfaces that ensure maximum sliding and minimum wear.

  • Measures: 129 x 70 x 49 mm / 74 g.

Inside the mouse wheel and in the back we have RGB lighting that we can control and behind the wheel we have a button that serves to change DPI predefined and that alerts us by means of a color when pressed although it can also be customized with the app. The wire Paracord with a USB 2.0 connector has a length of 1.8 meters, it is very flexible and does not force the mouse.


Test of performance

We passed several tests on the Corsair Sabre RGB Pro playing various sessions in the most popular FPS games. The sensor Pixart PMW3392 performs well thanks to its 18000 DPI, with a definition of only 1 DPI in each jump. One of Pixar’s top-rated sensors, the performance is very good and we didn’t notice any flaws.

  • Sensor: Pixart PMW3392 / 100-18000 DPI / 450 IPS / 50G / 1 DPI / 5 Perfiles DPI.
  • Switches: Quickstrike 0 Gap / OMRON 50 million clicks.

It is possible to activate the system AXON Hiperpolling 8000 Hz to enhance the mouse signal with a lot of polling frequency per microsecond, we can only do these if we meet two requirements for this technology.

  • Connect it to a high-performance processor Intel Core i7 o AMD Ryzen 7.
  • Connect it to a port USB in direct connection with the motherboard, not through a third-party controller.

The OMRON main pushbuttons have the system Quickstrike 0 GapThanks to this system, we have the best response to our pulsations at all times. The lacing system is also very positive Paracord that does not force our movements at any time, where the 1.8 meter length it is sufficient for any desktop setup.

Control software

Using the app Corsair iCUE we can control all aspects of this mouse. The led of RGB lighting is quite visible in the area of ​​the wheel and on the back with the logo of the brand. Inside we have various rhythmic lighting effects, cycle speed, power setting and profile manager. Within this app we have the selector of Hiperpolling 8000 Hz or the option to adjust the DPI profiles to our liking.

  • illumination: Configurable with various effects.
  • Buttons: Assignment of functions or macros for 6 keys.
  • Sensor: Modification of profiles and colors for DPI jumps.

Using this app we can also calibrate the sensor Depending on the surface of use, without a doubt the ideal is to use a gaming mat such as the Corsair MM700 RGB Extended that offers the best specifications and RGB lighting to match. Within the Hardware Lighting section we can also save a lighting profile for when we use it in a system without the Corsair iCUE software installed. We can also define macros or any function to the 6 keys of our mouse and save different profiles.



The Gaming Mouse Corsair Sabre RGB Pro Champion Series As we have seen, it has excellent features to get the most out of it. It is also appreciated its minimum weight and its cable Paracord that allows to use it very comfortably without dominating our movements while we make it serve. This mouse rides RGB lighting highly configurable with two quite visible zones and the performance during gaming sessions is excellent and it shows fast in the recognition of movements without phantom pulsations.

This mouse has control software Corsair iCUE that is included we can manage the entire lighting system in detail and we can integrate it perfectly with the lighting of our box or environment to unify it in a very attractive way. We must also highlight two key technologies that it integrates as they are Hiperpolling 8000 Hz to reduce the polling frequency and Quickstrike 0 Gap that gives us the fastest response in each click.

Once we have thoroughly tested the Corsair Sabre RGB Pro we can say that we are facing a excellent lightweight gaming mouse with excellent gaming optionsIt also has RGB led lighting and a minimum weight.


Corsair Sabre RGB Pro


Corsair Sabre RGB Pro


  • Detailed iCUE control software
  • Hiperpolling 8000 Hz
  • Botones Quickstrike 0 Gap
  • Low weight and flexible cable
  • Configurable RGB lighting


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